Chiang Mai Writers’ Workshop

4 Nov

Chiang Mai Writers’ Workshop is a weekly meeting for writers in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During the meeting, we read, write, discuss, and learn new writing skills.(Please see “About”)

We create a space for:

  • Receiving valuable feedback on your work in a supportive environment.
  • Reading and giving feedback to other writers.
  • Learning and refining writing techniques.
  • Developing your creative process.

Chiang Mai Writers’ Workshop is an open group and actively welcomes new members. The workshop is facilitated by Paul, who has extensive experience working with groups of all kinds.

The workshop meets once a week. The format is flexible, allowing drop-ins as well as giving time for long-term members to develop longer works.

Each workshop has two parts. In the first part, we focus on a particular writing skill or theme. We use the following process:

  1. Example Text. The session begins with a short example text that demonstrates the weeks’ skill or theme.
  2. Critique.Next, we critique the example text by looking at theme and effectiveness of the piece.
  3. Writing Prompt.Using a writing prompt, we write a short piece using the weeks’ skill or theme.
  4. Feedback.Finally, we have the opportunity to give and receive feedback on our work.

The second part of the workshop focuses on on-going work of regular members. Work is submitted in advance and distributed to workshop members.

Below is a schedule of weekly writing skills and themes (schedule is open to revision):

  • Memoir
  • Place
  • Character
  • Action
  • Poetry
  • Travel Writing
  • Essay

For more information, please email chiangmaiwritersworkshop at gmail dot com